Our goal is to provide expected added value and satisfaction to our customers and partners and also to create new grounds for common development by incensement of competitiveness on the market.

Our ideas, makes and technologies have high level of innovativeness even on worldwide level.

We are realising our own projects developed by us by starting new purposeful start-ups. We are interested in already innovative projects, companies and partners with whom we are cooperating after meeting specified conditions. Every product or technology that proves its usefulness are carefully analysed by us in market environment. We’re launching accurate ideas in form of start-ups.

We have a base of technology and inventions that is a ready offer for the market. We provide consulting and design services for third parties, our customers. We have individual approach to each project and customer so every time we’re creating custom made product and offer.

Sloko Ltd realises projects within the scope of:

  • capital investments
  • technological investments
  • investment consulting
  • consulting within the scope of management
  • marketing and commercial consulting
  • engineering consulting and designing
  • project management (own and outsourcing)

We operate mostly in Europe, North America and Asia, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, Canada and China. We’re interested in following fields of economy:

  • medicine
  • medical equipment
  • innovative engineering technologies
  • bio- and nano- technologies
  • mineral and energy resources
  • energy conversion technologies including „renewable energy”
  • restaurant industry
  • catering industry
  • IT industry
  • logistics and transport
  • Production of sportswear

Our customers are mostly:

  • investors looking for safe investments in innovative technologies with high rate of return, mostly investing in start-ups that are started and manager by us;
  • people and companies that are looking for innovative technologies and makes in order to realise them on their own;
  • people and companies that are looking for contractor of project and project’s documentation;
  • people and companies that are looking for support, straightening and refreshment of their foregoing activity by widely understood business consulting offered by us.